Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Courtship vs. Dating III

In dating the boy goes to the girl and asks her out with no regard for the parents and their feelings about the relationship. Here is how courtship should be handled...

The Lord will put in a set of parent's hearts to pray about a certain person for their son or daughter or He could lay a person on the son or daughter's heart first then they'll go to their parents to ask them to help pray about that person. In our case...the Lord showed me first, then my husband. We began praying about Jessica and about that same time the Lord placed Ronnie on Jessica's heart to pray about. She told me she then went to her parents to pray about Ronnie. After a few months, Ronnie came to us letting us know he was praying about Jessica. God was at work. Both sets of parents and Ronnie and Jessica all feel that they are God's choice for each other. You might ask how can we be so confident that they are God's choice for each other? God is not the author of confusion (I Corinthians 14:33). If there was any doubt in any of our minds then this courtship would not be happening. Courtship is not "Christian dating" as some think. God intends for the ones that court to get married. Too many girls are courted by a guy only to be told later by their parents or one of the ones involved in the courtship that it's not God's will they get married and by that time the girl is emotionally attached and she gets her heart broken. Do you think God is in that? I don't think so. So if there is any doubt in the heart or mind of any of the parents or the two who would be courting...then they should not court. That is why prayer is so key to courtship. When it is right for the prospective couple, all involved (the guy AND the girl AND both their parents) will be in agreement that they are God's will for each other.

My next post I'll go into what the next step in the courtship is.

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