Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Previous Coupon Shopping Trips

Total Before Coupons = $110.12
Total With Coupons = $32.32
Total Savings $77.80

Percentage Saved = 71%

Lady Speed Stick Deoderant = FREE
Gillette Men's Body SWash = FREE
Crest Toothpaste = 75 cents for two

Total Before Coupons = $63.03
Total With Coupons = $21.77
Total Saved $41.26

Percentage Saved = 65%

Total Before Coupons = $172.09
Total With Coupons = $71.76
Total Saved = $100.33

Percentage Saved = 58%


JTR said...

Very nice! ;) Now I rememebr! LOL I thot so! :) Sorry - everything starts to run together sometimes!

Carla Sue said...

Just stumbled across your blog! I LOVE couponing! We are just beginners and have a blast shopping and stockpiling! :) God bless!

Sis. Julie said...

Carla Sue....Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I didn't think anyone visited anymore. I really need to get back to posting but have been preoccupied with my grandbabies and such. I hope you will come back again and read some of my articles that I've posted.


Assisted Living Information said...

Great Great coupon savings! Where did you get all the coupons and what store did you shop at? I love poptarts, but they usually charge so much for them!

Jenn said...

Hi Julie,

I came across your blog through Jessica's. I've noticed neither of you had posted in a while. Just wanted to make sure everything was ok. I had emailed Jessica a couple times but hadn't heard back, which is unusual. Hope everything is ok and everyone is well, just busy!


Sis. Julie said...

ALI...I get my coupons from the Sunday papers. And I only use the coupons when the item is on sale for that coupon. The idea is to save at least 50% off the regular price of the item on sale and with the coupon. You are right about the pop tarts. They are expensive. I love couponing but haven't done much of it lately due to our car being broke down. But it is fixed now so I plan to get back to it soon. I'm glad you found my blog and I hope you come back again soon.

Sis. Julie said...

Jenn...thank you so much for checking in. I haven't blogged in a while because I have been busy. Our youngest daughter Michelle and her baby boy have moved back home so I'm helping her out with him while she works her business. I feel bad that I haven't blogged lately. I hope to get back to it really soon.

As for Jessica....I can't speak for her. I know she has a lot going on. But I'm not sure why she hasn't blogged. But we are all fine. God is blessing and taking great care of us.

Thank you again for asking.

Alex said...


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Hi Julie,
Was just looking up something in my earlier blogs and came across a comment from you. You were telling me your pastor Bro.Joe Arther was going to be preaching in north MS at that time. Was just wondering if he is still your pastor? I'm hoping to hear him preach next week at the Bible Conference at Unity Baptist Church in Ripley, MS, where our son David attends.
You have some beautiful grandbabies! And you have done some great shopping with coupon! Have enjoyed catching up on your blog today!

God bless! Mississippi

Sis. Julie said...

Marilyn in Mississippi....yes ma'am he is still our pastor. You will be blessed to go hear him preach. God definitely has His hand on him. Thank you for the sweet comments about my grandbabies and my coupon shopping trips. I've had so much traffic lately I am going to go ahead and post some pics of them again since they are all growing so much.

craftyuniquecyn said...

Please tell me how you do the coupon saving? i have tried so many times and do not seem to save any money!!!


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