Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Update On John Michael

He went to the dr. and found out he has an ear infection :o(

He is typing to Nanna on the computer while we are talking via webcam...LOL

What a look!!!

He loves his bouncer.

Quite the big boy!!

Love that smile!!!

He'll give his puppy kisses....and of course mommy too!!

Our little man!!

John Michael has been doing great. He has been sick for the past couple of weeks but he is beginning to improve. He is such a sweet boy and we miss him dearly!!!

He is cutting teeth and has just recently learned to sit up on his own with little to no help from his mommy. He loves to talk to his Nanna on the phone and the computer. He gets on the computer by webcam and "types" to me which is so sweet. He also has been giving his mommy kisses.

Michelle is a terrific mommy!!! She is very patient with him even though he still isn't sleeping through the night. She enjoys spending time with her baby boy. I'm so proud of her!!

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