Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Update On Hubby And Michelle

I have had some ask for an update on my hubby and on my daughter Michelle.

My hubby is doing very well. We went to the dr yesterday and was told that he didn't have to come back for three weeks but he is in the brace and on the crutches for that time. After that time the dr may take him out of the brace for two weeks but keep him on the crutches for that span of time then see about taking the crutches. He is back at work today for the first time since the wreck....but he is only on desk duty. He says he won't like it but it will pay more than WC.

Michelle is hurting all the time now. She was at the dr yesterday having lost part of her mucous plug and her cervix now being mushy. Her blood pressure was also at 152/102. So they sent her to the hospital to see if they could get her bp down. They did and also did a test to see if she is in pre-term labor....that test was negative. They sent her home and told her to take it easy and that it won't be long. We are very anxious and very excited about the arrival of John Michael but very sad that his daddy will probably not make it either. Please pray for him as his heart is broken that he can't be.

Thank you for all the prayers and for all who have asked about them.

Kristina is also 11 weeks pregnant this week and we are watching her grow weekly now. We are also very excited about that grandbaby coming too.

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