Thursday, March 25, 2010

John Michael Has Arrived

It was Thursday evening March 18th. Michelle, her best friend Samantha and I were out to her dr appointment then went by Samantha's apartment so Michelle and I could hang out there while Samantha went to clean her dad's office. Michelle saw the neighbor outside with his little boy and went over to say hi and to play with the little boy. After about 15 minutes of playing with him she came back to the apartment and sat down complaining that she had a really bad stomach ache. I asked her if it was her stomach or if it was contractions. She said she didn't know. About that time she doubled over on the couch in pain and began crying. It only took a few minutes of that until I decided I better start timing them. So I did. They were contractions and they were coming every 2-4 minutes. Samantha arrived back at the apartment at 6:30pm and watched Michelle be in pain for about 10 minutes before she said we ought to go to the hospital. We weren't sure they would keep her but weren't taking any chances. By the time we got to the hospital she couldn't walk she was in so much pain.

We got her checked in and they put her on the monitors and they observed her for a short time and said she was in labor and would be keeping her. About an hour later she was given stadol for pain to help her cope a little better. It wasn't long after that and Michelle was having a reaction to the meds. They then ordered the epidural. Once she got that she was able to rest some. She was dilated to 2cm when she got to the hospital and had progressed to 3cm later that night. They had started pitocin at about 3:45am to help things along but she wasn't progressing much at all. At 10:15am she began to complain of A LOT of pressure. The nurse said she would check her to see if there was any progress but wasn't expecting her to have progressed much. The nurse checked her and discovered that she was just short of fully dilated. There was only a little lip left. So they ordered for the dr to be called. The nurse let her start pushing and Michelle did GREAT!! At about 10:40 she was told not to push any more and John Michael's head was already showing. The dr was in the building and would be there shortly. Michelle said she couldn't hold back from pushing. She kept saying she had to push. The midwife came in the room and planned to deliver John Michael....about that time Michelle's dr came in. He began dressing in his delivering clothes and told Michelle she could go ahead and push. She pushed three more times and John Michael was here.

He was born at 10:47am on Friday March 19th. He is a perfect little boy and is so beautiful. He has jaundice right now which is requiring him to be on a billi-light almost 24 hours a day.

Michelle is a great mommy and adores her little boy. And her baby boy adores her from the way he looks at her.

I will share pictures of him soon!!! So check back!!!


stacy said...

I am so happy for you all. Congrats. Please send my best regards and thoughts to Michelle. God bless.

Ginger said...

Congrats! How exciting!! Now you have two grandbabies and two on the way! Wow!! How neat! My mom and dad are expecting their fifth grandchild this June. I just love babies!

I have been meaning to come over and let you know I am having a BIG series over at my blog all doing with three years of blogging! I'm also having three giveaways!

I wanted to let you know esp because you were one of my first commenters! ;)


Sis. Julie said...

Ginger....Awww!! You're so sweet!! I will stop over there and see what you have going on. I love you and thank you for coming by when you do!! Congrats on the news of another baby coming!! I'm certainly excited about all the grandbabies that are coming our way!!!


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