Thursday, December 11, 2008

His Return

He is coming! He is coming!
We can almost hear the sound
Of His footsteps at the threshold,
And our hearts with gladness bound.

All around us men are seeking,
Turning blind eyes to the light,
Longing, fearing, not yet daring
To escape from sin's dark night.

Yet the message is so simple,
'I will surely come again.'
'Tis the glad news of the Gospel
Ringing sweetly through earth's pain.

When He comes, may I be ready,
Watching, praying, working still,
Though He tarry, may I daily
Learn more perfectly His will.

~Author Unknown~


Lisa said...

Sister Julie
I do agree with your post. I believe our Lord is comimg back according to the scriptures his coming is close. I am ready!
Have a great weekend
Hugs. Lisa

Anonymous said...

hi Sis Julie,
How are you? I am sorry I haven't visited for a while. Just been so busy and now with Christmas coming I am still busy but wanted to pop in and say hi.
Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year and look forward to catching up again soon.
blessings and hugs,
Sandra nz

Tori said...

Amen Amen Amen Julie.
Even so, Come quickly Lord Jesus.

Wouldn't that be the best Christmas ever if He returned in 2008? I almost can't wait to see Him.

Have a great weekend Julie!

Mimi said...

May I daily learn more perfectly His will...
Help me to stay ready...

~~Deby said...

EXCELLANT poem....oh my do people need to hear this..HE is coming HE is coming...great post Julie


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