Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thank You All So Much!!

Ronnie and Jessica

My hubby and me

Kristina and Michelle

It has gotten back to me that when y'all receive my post updates in your emails that you can't read my type due to the light color of the type. So I'm trying to find a type that looks nice on my page but that y'all can read in your email against the white background.

I have needed this break from my blogs and thank you all for your patience with me. Many of you have emailed and/or posted comments letting me know you are thinking of us and praying for us. That means so very much!! Sometimes we just get so burdened down with our troubles and trials that we just can't function above that which we have to. This break has been very needed in order for me to focus on my family and also my own personal walk with the Lord. These past two months have been very difficult on us as a family and has taken its toll on us...but I can honestly say that God is faithful!! He has always been faithful!! And I know He will always continue to be faithful!!

God knows just when to bring a friend along to strengthen and encourage one of His children. That happened on Friday. Someone who rarely gets on the computer anymore and who is rarely in touch with me due to her own busy schedule with small children and a husband who is a pastor and all that goes along with that. She emailed me Friday to ask me a question and I asked her to call me so we could talk. That email and that phone call was right on time!! She had been going through a difficult time lately and was feeling much the same as I had been and had been struggling much like I had been. She was able to help me and encourage me and cry with me. I told her but I'm not sure I could express to her the help she was able to give me. Aren't you thankful that God knows our EVERY need and He also knows just the one that He desires to use to help us at just that right time? I know I am.

The pictures above are from our Labor Day cookout with the family. I'm so thankful for the family God has blessed me with. Please continue to pray for us. We are not through this latest situation yet and the devil is fighting with all his might. I'm so thankful that he has already been defeated!! He cannot and will not win!!!!


Mrs. C said...

You've been missed! Keep on trusting Jesus! :)

Bro Tim said...

Mrs Julie,

I have been praying for you and your family, and you have been missed on here. I know that God has a reason for everything you are going through and we may not never know why here, but He is stll in control. You are right the devil can not win as long as we don't allow him. We will continue praying for you.

Bro Tim

Tori said...

Praise His name, He knows our needs and pains! Praying for ya!

Oh yea and that looks like a great time and I love the pic of you and hubby!

Jimena said...

I love your profile picture! I saw the pictures on Kristina's blog and thought they were great. God bless you and keep strengthening you as He has been doing so faithfully. Know you are prayed for and loved!

Mimi said...

still remembering your family in prayer...
be encouraged

Anonymous said...

You are never far from my thoughts or prayers!
Take care

Much love and blessings


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