Monday, July 16, 2007

Michelle, Daddy, Momma & Kristina

Michelle, Ronnie, Kristina & Jessica

Kristina, Grandma, Michelle & Grandpa

Michelle, Mrs. Jackie (who witnessed to me at work and invited me to church when I got saved) & Kristina

Michelle & Kristina with their diplomas!!!


Lyndy said...

Wonderful pictures and wonderful memories, I am sure.

Thanks again for sharing.

Julie's Jewels said...

sis. was my pleasure to share. I thought if all y'all took the time to pray that y'all should share in the day as well. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

HsKubes said...

I loved seeing all of the photos and reading about the ceremony!

~ Christina

Julie's Jewels said...

sis. christina...thank you for viewing them. I wanted to let you know I finally had to delete your page from my links page. I hope this won't keep you from coming back. For some reason when I'd view your page and go to comment something would happen to my computer. There was something on your page that was messing it up and I'd have to reboot every time. I hated it too. I'm going to try to view your page again now and see what happens since I'm not checking other blogs right now. I hope it is working...but if it isn't I wanted you to know why I've not been visiting or commenting. Love you!!

Nerak said...

Congrats to your girls but to you especially. I homeschooled my oldest four (just starting with my little one) and I know it is quite a full-time job. So, hats off to you for a job well done. Now you can breathe a little.

Julie's Jewels said...

nerak...thank you so much. I am pleased that the part of homeschooling is over but there is still much training to be done as I'm sure you well know.

HsKubes said...

Julie ~ I'm just seeing this. I had noticed the link had been deleted but didn't want to ask why. I'm glad I was reading through some older posts and saw this.
I'm so sorry my blog seems to be causing so much trouble. I wish I knew what it was so I could fix it. If you happen to have any ideas, please let me know.
It certainly won't keep me from visiting you, though. ;o) I sure enjoy visiting. It's a real blessing to read your posts, always backing them up with Scripture! ;o)

~ Christina

Julie's Jewels said...

sis. cristina....I'm so glad you saw that comment so you would know why I haven't commented on your site. I just tried to go to it again now and it won't let me. I don't have any suggestions. It is probably on my end that the problem lies. I only knew what the problem were so I could fix it. I really enjoy your site and would that I could get to it and leave a comment on it.


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