Thursday, March 1, 2007

Are You Rejoicing?

Psalm 118:34 "This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."

So....answer the question in your heart. Are you really rejoicing today or are you grumbling and complaining. I know we all have things we could sit and have a "pity party" about. We could grumble and complain about the things we are facing today. But is that glorifying the Lord? God tells us we are to "Do all things without murmurings and disputings:" Philippians 2:14. We should not put our life on hold while murmuring and complaining but we are not to sit around and complain about what we are going through either. We have so much to rejoice about today.

Are you alive today? Praise His name!! Were you able to get out of bed today? Praise His name!! Are you breathing? Praise His name!! Do you have sight in your eyes? Praise His name!! Do you have a voice on your tongue? Praise His name!! Is your spouse alive and well? Praise His name!! Are your children (if you have any) alive and well? Praise His name!! Did you car start up this morning? Praise His name!! Do you still have your job? Praise His name!! Has God blessed you with the ability to do your daily duties? Praise His name!! Is there food in the cupboards? Praise His name!! Is there a roof over your head? Praise His name!! Are you saved and on your way to Heaven without an eternal destination of the Lake of Fire being your home? Praise His name!!

We have so much to praise Him for. So many people got up this morning without these things being present in their life. Praise His name it wasn't you!! And even if it were to be you tomorrow...praise His name anyway!! He is worthy of our praise and our worship for just being Who He is!! He is God and Creator of all!! He created you didn't He? I'm so glad He did!! Have a great day and rejoice in it even if you don't feel like rejoicing!! And if you think your life looks dark and dreary and you just see how you could praise Him...go to Sis. Amy Wilhoite's blog site and read her story of her battle with leukemia. She is still praising God and the doctors have given her not much time longer to be here with her family. God has sent that lady's testimony and story our way so we can have someone to look to as a testimony of God's grace and His strength. When we think we have it rough...there is ALWAYS someone else that has it rougher.


Happymama said...

Our Pastor is constantly telling our church this. He said too many people sit and sour and look like they've been raised on lemon and pickle juice. Praise God for waking up with breath in our lungs to praise Him and thank Him for his mercies upon us!


Maranatha said...

Amen and amen!!! I really enjoyed this!!


My husband just spent a few minutes counting some of our blessing and it made our hearts smile. God is so good to us and we thank him for all the days he has given to us. Connie from Texas

e-Mom said...

I do count my blessings (almost) every day. My husband has taught me so much about "turning lemons into lemonade!" (As a sales professional, he's a born optimist!)

Thanks for reminding us of Amy's tragic story. I will keep her in prayer.

Janie said...

Amen, Sister Julie! I wholeheartedly agree. We all have so much to be thankful for.

Jungle Mom said...

We are so blessed and yet I complain! Thanks for remined us to count our blessings.

Pam said...

Thank you Sis. Julie! It is so easy to fall into a rut and forget all of our beautiful blessings! This has been preached many times in my church and taught much at ladie's conferences I've attended, but I still need reminded in the are of speaking thanksgiving. A deacon in our church always prays, "Lord, give us an attitude of gratitude."

Lyndy said...

Hi Sis Julie,

Wow powerful post and so so true. How easy it is, for us to turn to our Father God when we need something but oh how we need to praise His holy name for all the good things in our life.

Thanks so much for the reminder.


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