Thursday, December 14, 2006

No Posts Till Monday

I just wanted to post today and let you know that I won't be posting until Monday. I don't want any of you to think I've fallen off the edge of the earth or that something had happened to me. We have our church Christmas party coming up this Saturday here at our house and I have much to get done between now and then. I've been shopping for gifts for leaders of our church today and then tomorrow will involve shopping for the food that we'll be preparing for it. Saturday I'll be busy setting up and cooking then the party is 4:00. Sunday will be busy as well with services and then our usual family bowling outing. So as you can see there won't be much spare time to be posting anything.

I hope and pray y'all have a great weekend. I will take time to try to keep up with your sites when I get a spare moment to. So you will get comments from me through the next few days but I just won't be able to post.

I will try to have some pictures to share with each of you from our party on Saturday when I post next week. Till then...have a great day and a wonderful weekend!!


Nicholas Cardot said...

Don't get to busy. Have fun. We'll miss you till then!

kateplourde said...

Enjoy :-) Looking forward to seeing your posts!

Michelle said...

Have a wonderful vacation..Sure will miss you until then..


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