Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Hello everyone!!! I'm home till Friday. Kristina and I just got home after fighting the holiday traffic to get home. But praise God we're home safe and sound. We'll have service this evening then I'll be going shopping to get things to cook for tomorrow's dinner. Then tomorrow we'll go to my sister-in-law and her husband's house to eat and spend time together as a family. Praise God for a family to spend Thanksgiving with. So many in the world don't have anyone. I'm sure that probably strikes you as odd..but there are families that are stationed away from home that the husband has gone overseas to be serving our nation abroad. Those wives and children will be without their husband/daddy this holiday season. This is a sad time for them. We need to pray for those servicemen and women that are away from their families and for those families left here without them. Many of them will not see their loved ones again. Some will lose their lives in this war. I guess this really strikes me since my sister-in-law that lives in NC is going to be without her husband this Thanksgiving. He was deployed to Iraq last Friday. He will be gone for 6 months. Please pray for him. He is unsaved and that is the scariest thing. He also knows that he is and has admitted it to my father-in-law.

I'm thankful that I have the blessing of knowing the Lord Jesus Christ through salvation!!! He saved my unworthy and wretched soul and I can't praise Him enough for that. He salvaged my home that was in trouble and headed for divorce. He saved my husband and called him into the ministry. My children are all serving God in our church. I have breath in my body to serve God and a voice on my tongue to praise Him with. I have strength in my bones. These are all things we tend to take for granted. These are blessings. Many woke up this morning not having one or all of these things present in their body. God is so good to us my brothers and sisters!!! He has blessed you even if you don't know he has. He blesses the lost every day too with these physical blessings. They just don't see it. What a privilege we have to know the True and Living God and be able to tell Him how Wonderful He is.

So on this Thanksgiving Day coming up....don't forget to praise your Heavenly Father for all He is and has been to you. And thank God for family!!! Enjoy your family and cherish each moment with them. Some or all of them may not be with you next year.

I love you all and look forward to coming back from the campmeeting Saturday with more to share!!


e-Mom said...

I was on my way to visit you tonight, and your comment appeared in my inbox... very, very interesting, thanks. :~)

You bring up an excellent point--the servicemen overseas who will not see their loved ones again, this side of eternity. (We have one deployed in our extended family, but he'll be home this year.)

We are indeed blessed beyond measure, and I love to read your enthusiastic thoughts about the Lord. I didn't realize your marriage was in trouble at one time. I'd love to hear your husband's testimony, as men seem to have a harder time coming to Christ than women. (My husband was saved in his late teens--in a Baptist church in New Orleans!)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, Julie. Many blessings, e-Mom

Sis. Julie said...

I don't know as my husband would type up his testimony (if that is what you meant) but I can put it up here. I'm not sure when I'll be doing that...but I'll try to do it soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving!

Anne said...

Sis. Julie ~ Thank you for that post! We *do* have a lot to be thankful for... we just don't ususally take the time to thank Him for it. Good post:o)

Happymama said...

I'm trying to catch up on my commenting from the weekend. LOL Glad you had a good time. I saw Courtney's pictures. They were so good.



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