Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's Been A Bittersweet Time

I pray this finds all my readers doing well. Our family has been through some bittersweet things since my last post.

Currently our son Ronnie and his wife are expecting another girl (MaryEllen Makenzie) due on October 12th. Also our daughter Kristina and her husband Josh are expecting twins (boy-Brayden Bryce and girl-Raegan Rileigh) due October 29th. The drs don't expect Kristina to make it to her due date though since twins are usually born early. We are praying she makes it to at least 36 weeks. So far both Jessica and Kristina are doing well.

Also our daughter Michelle married a wonderful man named Aaron. We love him!!! He is keeping her in church and treats her like a queen. She deserves and needs a man like Aaron in her life. He loves Michael as if he were his own son too. That is a HUGE plus for Michelle and for us too!!! Since getting married on March 11th they have been expecting twice and both resulted in miscarriages. We are praying that the next pregnancy will take and be okay when she gets pregnant again. She is very happy and although she has miscarried twice she is trusting the Lord for another baby when the Lord allows.

Also....on May 9th my dad passed away and we made a trip to Kansas (18 hrs one way) there and back in 3 days. I got to spend time with my mom and my sister. It breaks my heart that I no longer can call and talk to my dad when I want to but I still enjoy talking to my mom. She is doing quite well. Of course we have our days that are difficult but God is helping me through it.

The grandbabies are growing like crazy. They are my life. I enjoy spending time with them SO much!!! Candyce and Michael are talking more and more and doing things new every day. Kloe is beginning to talk and is clapping her hands now. She is into everything too!! So precious!!

That is the update and I hope to post some updated pics soon. Take care and enjoy the time you get with your family because you never know when one of them may be gone and you not get that chance again.


Deborah said...

I haven't been by in quite was nice to read your update....Michelle's wedding pics look wonderful!
Sorry to hear about your dad.

Living the Bible said...

Congratulations on the new son-in-law, and condolences about the passing of your father. The Lord is always faithful, please do not get discouraged!



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