Monday, October 5, 2009

I Promise I'm Still Around

Hello all!! I'm still here. I know....I said once I got moved that I'd be back to blogging. It has been one thing after another it seems. I am still unpacking and trying to find places for things and giving away other things. We down-sized to a three bedroom townhouse from a four bedroom two story house. I didn't realize how much stuff we had till we tried to fit into our smaller place. It is sad that I haven't gotten everything put away and unpacked yet. We have been in our new home for over a month now.

Now we are facing my husband having surgery. Nothing serious....just what is called a lipoma. It is a fatty mass on the left side of his back. It is the size of a baseball and goes deep into the muscle tissue. He will have surgery (as of right now) on November 5th to have it removed. That will take about a week of recuperation time and me caring for him during that time.

All is well other than that though. Candyce is growing so fast and is just adorable!!! Ronnie and Jessica are doing well. Kristina and Josh are doing great as well. God is blessing both their families and answering many prayers for which we are very thankful. Michelle is expecting a baby due in March. Her boyfriend is in Afghanistan and should be back in time for the baby to be born. We are very excited about this newest grandbaby. Michelle knows we are not happy about how this all came about...and she is very disappointed in herself and her boyfriend is disappointed in himself....but we count each pregnancy a blessing from God and know God has a purpose and a reason for allowing this. Please pray for Michelle and the baby who we call Baby Blessing since the daddy's last name is Blessing. Michelle and John plan to be married once he gets back from Afghanistan.

Life has been busy but has also been a joy. God has been so good to me and I praise Him and thank Him for everything He is doing in all of our lives. Thank you all for checking in and I really do hope to be back to regular blogging soon. Just please be patient with me and don't forget about me.

In the meantime please feel free to go back and read my past posts in my Topics of Interest section of my blog. There is much good reading there. Love you all and I still pray for each of you that come by!!!


Lola said...

I think it's a sign (a good one!) that your next grandbaby will be a literal Blessing :o) Best wishes to all your growing family, and to your husband as he prepares for his surgery.

Mimi said...

so good to hear from you again...and the new little blessing will bring such joy!
would love to see updated picture of little Candyce if you have one...
remembering you and your husband as he faces surgery in November...

c said...

Regarding: "and she is very disappointed in herself as is her boyfriend"

Is her boyfriend disappointed in HIMSELF or in Michelle? Because that's what the wording of your sentence makes it sound like. I hope he realizes that it takes *two* to tango (so to speak), and if he is just as responsible as your daughter is for the pregnancy.

Sis. Julie said...

"C"....thank you for pointing that out to me. I didn't realize that is how it sounded. I have changed it to read differently. John is disappointed about how this all came about and is taking full responsibility for it and the baby as well as Michelle. They both know it took them BOTH making the choice they made and had intended to wait till they were married but temptation was too strong and they gave in to it. We look forward to the birth of our second grandchild and love Michelle and John and are praying for them both as well as the baby.


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