Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Busy Week

Hello everyone!! I know you came by looking for a devotional post. I'm sorry to say that I don't have one prepared for this week yet. I've been quite busy with work and church. I worked Thursday through Saturday and then had church on Sunday. We also are having the Georgia statewide Preachers Fellowship at our church that goes until tonight. Today the services are all day but I wasn't able to go due to having to get laundry done. There hasn't been much opportunity to get that done for my husband the past couple of days. So today is devoted to that.

I hope to have a post put up later this week. The preachers fellowship last night was wonderful. We heard great preaching and it was great to see some preachers that we had not seen in a while. The church was full!! What a blessing!! We also got to have a visiting choir to come sing for us. One of my blogging friends was there since it was her choir (and she is a member of it) was singing last night. Sis. Leah...it was a true joy and blessing to get to see you again!!

I pray all of you are doing well. Please pray for the meeting tonight (Tuesday night) that those pastors and preachers that are going through tough times right now would get help and encouraged by fellowshipping with other pastors and preachers and also by the preaching and the singing. I think many got help last night!! Praise the Lord!!!


Leah said...

It WAS a great blessing to be there! I know Georgia has some of the pioneers of our faith and it is great to hear old time preachers (even though sometimes I need and interpreter:) Southern dialect and all. It was great to see your family. I wish you could come to our Passion Play.

Lisa said...

I hope you have a Blessed Easter dear Julie. I am so glad I serve a Risen savior and I know He is coming again!
Love you. Lisa


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