Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good-Bye 2008...Hello 2009!!

Isaiah 26:3-4 "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength."

These verses have always meant so much to me in my Christian life...but they took on a whole new meaning in 2008. This past year has been a year of many heartaches for our family. There was the miscarriages of our two precious grandchildren...Michelle leaving our home against the will of God...my brother being murdered...and another tragic situation that I can't go into but can only say that it devastated our family and caused much damage to one of our family members. These verses of Scripture have been the two that I have quoted to myself over and over and over again!! They brought me much strength and comfort just knowing that as long as I stayed focused on Christ that He would give me the strength and grace I needed. I also did a lot of quoting Psalm 34:1 "... I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth." I tried my best to bless Him at all times. Did I succeed? To my shame no I didn't. With what we faced I questioned the Lord and did a bit of murmuring about it all. I'm so thankful for His mercy and His forgiveness though. He saw me through all those times and more. I can't thank Him enough and praise Him enough for how He saw me through it all. I heard the other day a quote and I loved it...."If God will see you to it....He will see you through it." And He has!!

We also had several wonderful things to take place in 2008. Ronnie married his sweetheart on January 26th and gave us two precious grandbabies (who are in Heaven awaiting our arrival) and a third one that is growing in the womb at this very moment...PRAISE THE LORD!! We saw God's hand of protection over our lives as we have traveled to different churches. We have seen God provide for our needs and put on the hearts of pastors and churches to take our family and our ministry on for support. We have seen needs met that we saw no way that they would be. And now we have seen God send our daughter Kristina a godly...separated...kind...considerate...loving...and humble man. So even with all the tragedy that has struck our family this year....we have had some VERY wonderful things to happen as well.

In 2009 there will be other difficulties to come. That is to be expected. The devil is not happy when God's children remain faithful and strive to serve Him with their whole heart and stay in the center of His will. I already know that we will be facing two court trials this coming year. But I am fully confident that God will help me through those times and will give me yet again the strength and grace to praise Him in the midst of it all. Lord-willing we will be able to hold one of our grandbabies in our arms this coming year. And who knows what else the Lord has in store for our lives. I do not know what the future holds for me or my family...but I do know Who holds that future!!!

I pray each of you can reflect and see how God has led your through this past year and be encouraged that He will not be faithful concerning His promise to do it again. So I pray you are not dreading the coming year but are excited about what awaits in it. My prayer is that Jesus come back to take us out of this old sin-sick world to be with Him forever. But if He chooses not to do that in 2009...He has a work for us all to do!!



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that your year has been so rough, but I am excited to see that you are faithfully serving the master. You are a shining example of faithfulness to us. I'm looking forward to this coming year. You and your family are in my prayers.

Sis. Julie said...

Bro. Nicholas...It has been a rough year...but God has been ever so faithful to provide what I've needed to make it through each situation!! I praise Him and thank Him and look forward to 2009!!

I'm praying for you and Sis. Diane and the little Emma that will be arriving very soon!!

We love y'all!!

Ginger said...

I hope you have a wonderful New Years. I think that is such wonderful news about Kristina I am so happy for her. And Jessica and Ronnie I am praying for them and so excited for them.

I was wondering if you would like to come over to my blog I have some big news myself! I wanted to share with you!!

Lisa said...

I do hope God Blesses you and your family with Love, peace, happiness in the coming year. God Bless you.

Sis. Julie said...

Ginger...Thank you for praying for Ronnie and Jessica. She is sooooo sick with morning sickness. I am coming over to your blog now!!

Love you!!

Sis. Julie said...

Sis. Lisa...Thank you so much!! I pray the same thing for you as well. May this next year be the best year we have had in so many ways.

Love you!

Pam said...

Happy New Year Sweetie! I never see you on line anymore and I miss that!

I didn't realize Jessica and Ronnie had lost 2 babies. I knew of one. Oh my, bless their hearts. I pray this third one carries to term.

Sis. Julie said...

Sis. Pam...I don't keep my AOL messenger on because it seems to give me fits so I just don't use it. I keep my Yahoo Messenger on all the time though unless it is acting up like it tends to do from time to time.

Yes...Ronnie and Jessica lost the first baby on Easter Sunday and the second one back in August. But this pregnancy is going well so far and she is very sick from them having her on the progesterone that they said her body wasn't producing enough of. It helped the baby to implant into the womb which is what was supposed to happen...but it magnifies the symptoms quite a bit and has made her pretty sick the past few days. They say that is normal though. She is getting a pooch and is wearing maternity clothes now so that is a blessing!! Thank you for your prayers for her!! She is still a bit nervous that something might happen this time too. But I am sure all will be fine now that the dr seems to think she has figured out what caused her to miscarry before.

Love you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Tori said...

Been missing ya Julie!
Happy 2009 to you and yours! Wouldn't it be wonderful if Jesus came back this year???

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

I was so happy to read about your son and his wife and the healthy baby! I too have lost 2 children to miscarriage (Both second trimester :( ), and am currently expecting another precious baby that is due February 19th! The Lord is good.

Praying all goes well with your DIL's pregnancy.

Have a wonderful 2009

P.S. Just wanted to let you know also the URL for my blog has been changed do to my feeds not being updated. The new URL is: http://enjoyingthesimplethingsoflife.blogspot.com/


Dear Sis. Julie, It is a wonderful thing to know that God's grace and mercy is sufficient at all times and through every situation. I know that He knows what is ahead and I KNOW that He will not bring anything into our lives that He doesn't allow. So that gives me peace.

Even in all your trials this past year, you have been a great blessing to many of us. I thank you so much for all your words, your faithfulness and love for the Lord.

I have four Grandbabies in heaven but one day I will see them also. I will be so happy to meet yours and introduce you to mine.

Have a wonderful New Year as you watch all the things in life work out again this year and the blessings just keep on coming. love you, connie


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