Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Exciting News!!!!

I wanted to wait until my daughter-in-law Jessica said something before I said anything. But I saw on her blog this morning that she has posted about it so I thought I would too.

My son Ronnie and his wife Jessica are expecting another baby. This is the third pregnancy for them. The other two did not make it and are in Heaven today. Jessica called me yesterday morning to let me know the wonderful news of another pregnancy. I'm so excited for them!! They are of course a little apprehensive about it since Jessica has miscarried the past two times. We are praying this pregnancy will go full-term. Her doctor put her on progesterone in hopes that this will help the baby to implant in the uterine wall as it should. That is what didn't happen the last two times. Please pray that God's will be done in this pregnancy and that He allow this pregnancy to go full-term. Ronnie and Jessica have been very patient and are fully trusting God for each pregnancy.

As you pray for the baby please pray for them as well. I'm so proud of them and how they have handled the two prior pregnancies and miscarriages. God has truly blessed them and helped them in ways that only He could.

Thank you all so very much!!


Sis. Tammy said...

We'll be keeping them in our prayers. You too! Pray your having a good day.

Love you!

Ginger said...

I just read the great news on Jessica's blog!! I will be praying for all of you!!!

Lisa said...

Sister Julie
I will be praying for Ronnie and Jessica. I do hope for the best according to the Lord's will.
Love you. Lisa

Anonymous said...

All 3 of them are in my thoughts and prayers, you too!!
Give them hugs from me!!!

Love Amy

PamelaK said...

Sis Julie -
This is wonderful news!! I will be praying for Ronnie, Jessica and the baby, that God work according to His will.

Nikki said...

YAY, I just seen this on Jessica's blog so I wanted to come over and tell you too that I was praying for her and YAY again Grandma Julie! I miss chatting with you. I feel like I'm a WORLD away over here. Love ya!


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