Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'd Like To Introduce Someone To You....

I first would like to let each of you know how much I appreciate you that come by and read my posts and leave comments that you have been here. You'll never know how much those comments mean to me. I've had so much encouragement come by way of the comments I receive here at Julie's Jewels. I don't always get the chance to visit the blogs of those that come by here but you still come. That is such a blessing to my heart.

I had a comment left on my last post from a lady I consider my friend. She is a missionary's wife. Their family are missionaries to England. Our church has supported them for many years and I have gotten opportunity to know her at the campmeeting that I go to every year as well.

Her name is Sis. Tammy. I noticed that she has a blog and I would like to ask you to go by and read her posts. She is a godly lady with much to share from her life as a missionary's wife and mother to two precious children. She loves her husband and her children dearly and desires to honor and glorify the Lord in her service to them and to their church there in England. I know you will find a blessing over on her blog. Please go by and check her blog out and be sure to let her know you were there. I know it will be a great blessing to her!! The life of a missionary can be rather lonely at times and for her to know there are others around the world that are praying for them and leaving comments of encouragement for her will be a tremendous blessing to her I'm sure.

Welcome to the world of blogging Sis. Tammy!!!


Mrs.B said...

I stopped by and said 'hello'.

How wonderful that these missionary wives can fellowship with other believers through the blogs. Praise the Lord! (o:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Sis. Tammy's blog!!! I've been over there and you're absolutely right :-) I am looking forward to reading there daily!

God bless you, Sis!!!

Sis. Julie said...

mrs. b....thank you so much for doing that.

Sis. Julie said...

sis. kate....I know you'll find Sis. Tammy to be a real blessing. Thank you for stopping by her way.

Janie said...

Well, I will have to head on over there!

Sis. Julie said...

sis. janie....I know you'll find a blessing there!

Michelle said...

I will be heading on over there..I look forward to reading hers and getting to know her

PamelaK said...

Sis Julie -
I went over there really quick and i need to go back! I just wanted to let you know too that your posts have been a blessing this week and you and your family are still in my thoughts and prayers.

Pam said...

hey Sis!
I visited Tammy for a spell and hope my comment encourages her. I read that Bro. Sammy Allen was her pastor. That's pretty awesome! Thanks for letting us know about her.
I also went and looked at all of Jessica and Ronnie's wedding photos again. I just love wedding pictures. What a cute couple they make and I trust they are doing well.
I think of you often. I trust you aren't experiencing physical pain. I trust all the other stuff is working out to honor Christ.
Love you.
Psalm 121

Sis. Julie said...

sis. pam....thank you for going by and visiting her. I'm sure your comment was a blessing to her. I'm so glad you enjoy looking at the wedding pictures. They are doing great!! I'm over my pain for this month so all is well there. The other situation that we are dealing with hasn't changed as of yet...but we are still praying!! We also thank everyone else for continuing to pray as well!! Love you!!

Bro Tim said...

MRs Julie we visited her site, but me ad Mrs Crystal were thinking about your puzzles are you done with them or are you going to put them up again. Well hope you are doing well. Prayers.

Bro Tim

Sis. Julie said...

bro. tim....I am planning on doing the puzzles again. I was thinking of getting it going again this next week. I didn't do them this week or last week because I've been sick and didn't feel like doing them. But I should be back on track with them next week. Thanks for asking.


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