Saturday, January 5, 2008

Results For How Many Words Can You Find

Good job y'all!! I thought this word would be a bit harder than y'all proved it to be. Y'all did very well with it. I keep trying to find a word that will really make y'all think. Next week I'm going to change things up a little bit though. So be ready to really have to work your brain!! By the way....I keep forgetting to post how many words I found....I found 50 words this week.

Here are this week's results.....

PamelaK & Son (49 words...160 points)
Bro. Tim & Sis. Crystal (39 words...102 points)
Kristina (31 words...90 points)
Sis. Kristi (19 words...58 points)
Three Sisters (19 words...44 points)


PamelaK said...

Thanks again for the fun games, Sis Julie! It's so great that so many have been participating! We are really looking forward to the "new" game next week!!
It's so exciting about Ronnie and Jessica's upcoming wedding! Looking at Jessica's ticker it seems like it is so close, not much time, and I know the time will pass so quickly! But what a blessing that she has almost everything done and almost everything she needs! I am so excited for ya'll!

Sis. Julie said...

sis. pamela....We are very excited. Each day we see how God is working in the preparations!!


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