Friday, January 18, 2008

Answer's To This Week's Quiz

I'm sorry I'm so late getting these answers posted. I had some grocery shopping to do so my family wouldn't starve today. We were down to literally nothing!! Yesterday was spent shopping for the food for the shower and for ties for the groomsmen and running an errand for Ronnie and this and that. Then last night Kristina and I went to Ronnie and Jessica's house to help with getting the house ready for the showers that are at their house this weekend. Once I post this I'll be getting started on cleaning our house to prepare for the shower our church is having for them at our house on Sunday afternoon. We are giving them a pantry shower to help stock their pantry. That will cut down a bit on the expense they will have when they get home from their honeymoon to have food in the house to get started. I have much to do in the days ahead so I won't be posting much at all. I will try to get on and post a little something of how things are going and what all is going on with me at the time. But as for devotional posts....those may not be back until after the wedding is over...I'm sorry. I ask that y'all please pray for all of us as we prepare to make this VERY special day a precious and beautiful one for Jessica and Ronnie.

Here are the answers to the quiz questions.....

1) She touched the hem of His garment (Matthew 9:20-22)
2) Cana (John 2:1-11)
3) Peter (Matthew 14:28-31)
4) Peter (Matthew 17:24-27)
5) The widow of Nain (Luke 7:11-15)
6) Blindness (John 9:1-7)
7) He healed her on the Sabbath (Luke 13:11-13)
8) Five (Matthew 14:15-21)
9) In a dream (Matthew 1:18-21)
10) The angel Gabriel (Luke 1:26-38)
11) Leprosy (Matthew 8:1-4)
12) His bed (Matthew 9:1-8)
13) One (Luke 17:11-19)
14) John (John 21:3-11)
15) Peter (Luke 22:49-51)
16) Capernaum (Luke 4:31-37)
17) Into a herd of swine (Matthew 8:28-34)
18) Beelzabub (Matthew 12:24)
19) A ghost (Mark 6:45-50)
20) He touched their eyes (Matthew 20:30-34)

How did y'all do? If you didn't already know the answers you can look up the references and be more familiar with them now. Did y'all like this week's challenge? Which do you prefer...the quizzes or the word finds? I think this was a nice change of pace...and next week may be another quiz due to the busy-ness of getting ready for the wedding that is in 8 days!!! Just give me some feedback on which y'all prefer and that may determine what I do after that for a bit.

Thank you to all who left their answers and tried this. Have a great and wonderful day in the Lord!!


Mrs.B said...

It's getting close now, how exciting! (o:

Sis. Julie said...

mrs. b...It sure is!! It is definitely exciting!!

Mimi said...

I think I like the quizzes better...
...I know you are excited as the wedding gets closer and closer... what a wonderful thing to have both families so close!!
My prayers are with you all as you prepare for this wonderful exciting day!!
P.S. My husband Joe got every answer correct!!( I say good for him!)


You are all in my prayers. Have a good Lord's Day. Happy Wedding Day. connie from Texas

Cindy said...

Sis Julie, I have not had a chance to comment in a while and just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I am still visiting your blog often! Love you my sister!

PamelaK said...

Hi Julie! This has been a time of extreme busyness for us also, but nothing like yours! LOL! What would you think of alternating weeks between quizzes and word games?

Sis. Julie said...

sis. pamela....I like that idea. I just might do that. Thank you for suggesting it.


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