Saturday, December 22, 2007

Results For How Many Words Can You Find

There were more participants this week than in a while. It makes it really fun for me when so many participate with these puzzles. So thank you again to all who played. We will be playing next week. I know that it is Christmas week...but by Wednesday Christmas will be over and the answers don't have to be given until I figured we can still do this next week. I've had some to ask so I wanted to let y'all know about that.

Here are the results....

PamelaK & Son (36 words...178 points)
Sis. Jimena (30 words...155 points)
Sis. Melissa (31 words...142 points)
Jessica (29 words...107 points)
Bro. Tim & Sis. Crystal (26 words...87 points)
Dave (10 words...33 points)

Great job everyone!!

1 comment:

Jimena said...

Sis.Julie... i will try to find the time to write you tonight...

Thanks for the game... it was fun again...

Congrats Pamelak and Son! :)

Blessings Sis. Julie... the Lord loves you so very much, and so do we!


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