Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Not My Fault

Genesis 3:12-13 "And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat. And the LORD God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat."

Here we see where Adam and Eve have already committed sin by eating of the tree God commanded them not to. God asks Adam if he had eaten of the forbidden tree and he blamed Eve. God then goes to Eve and asks her if she had eaten of it and she blamed the serpent (Satan).

Have you ever blamed someone else for something you did after you got caught. It's funny that we don't blame someone else for our actions until we get caught. When I was growing up with my brother and sister I did lots of things that I always blamed on them. But I also got blamed for a lot of things that I didn't do. My brother or sister would do something while I was with them and my parents would still blame me because they would say "You're the knew better". Just as it wasn't my fault what I got blamed wasn't their fault either when I blamed them for things. We all blamed each other because we didn't want to get caught and be punished. We chose to do the things we did. In our cases though it was always different than it is with God now. My parents didn't always know who did that thing we blamed one another for. They weren't there to see who did it. But God knows just who did it. We don't get away with anything.

If truth be known it is because we don't want to be found guilty. What we have got to realize is that God knows whose fault it is and He knows the reason we do what we do.

No matter what it is we do...or who it is that may have led us to do is our fault we do it. We are faced with a choice and what we choose is our choice. So it is our fault what we do. So we need to quit blaming others for your actions and realize that God knows what you did and He knows why you did it.

Proverbs 15:3 "The eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good."


Mrs W said...

One thing I couldn't stand growing up was the "you're the oldest so you knew better" line. Sometimes just because you are the oldest really doesn't mean you know better, and I really hope that I won't use that line on my kids. I believe, as I am sure you probably do, that each child is an individual, and there are times where maybe a younger child knows something is wrong and the older one didn't because of personalities or experiences or whatever.

Blameshifing has been a problem since Adam and Eve and it sure hasn't gotten any better. I used to blame my sisters for stuff, but I remember one thing in particular. My middle sister used to steal mine and my younger sisters stuff ALL the time, and then mum would let her keep it, and spank us saying that it was our fault because we didn't share. We didn't share it with her because every time we shared something with her she broke it, usually on purpose. Why would we want to share? Lol. (Not that I tend to believe in forcing kids to share their we share our homes or our cars etc with other people just because they want to use them? Just as we have our own property, our kids will at least have a few things that are just theirs that they don't have to "share". We do want them to be kind though.

Anyway I wrote a book I think haha.

Julie's Jewels said...

mrs. w...thank you so much for your comment!! I do not mind long comments at all. I just appreciate someone who will take the time to comment at all. Sounds to me like you know exactly what I am talking about in this post. My sister would also take my things and break them (sometimes on purpose) for revenge and then would admit breaking it but blaming me for making her mad. But I remember doing similar things to her too.

Bro Tim said...

yep I remember those days both blaming and being blame. But you are right God knows who is right and wrong. I agree we people need to be honest when they mess up.

Bro TIm

Julie's Jewels said...

bro. tim....You are right...there is far too much pushing of blame going on!

Daughter of the King said...

yes....and this behaviour continues on in an adult it was on sale honey, even though I KNEW we didn't have the $$$$ for it....or I just couldn't help my self...yeah right...or t even blame Hollywood..when we KNOW we shouldn't be watching something..maybe my thinking is not quite the same..but one thing I that I too am guilty...and need to be more responisble for my daily choices...for all the sin areas of my life...
Thanks Julie,

Julie's Jewels said...

sis. deby....Amen!! You are right in everything you said.

Tiffany said...

Sis Julie!!! I am so sorry I have not been around lately. I just saw the comment you left for me and rushed right over. As a family we have been so terribly busy these last few weeks. They have been busy but very enjoyable weeks. I will probably have time to write a post about it either today or tomorrow. I just wanted to stop by and say HI and I miss you and Jess since I haven't been online much. And regarding this post - I used to have a huge problem in this area. I tried to play things off like nothing was my fault and it must be someone else at fault for my misfortune. I would never appologize and I was brimming over with pride. I found out much later on that it actually was someone else at fault - satan. All I can do is thank the Lord that he humbled me and saved me.

Sis. Julie said...

sis. tiffany...thank you so much for coming by and saying Hi!! This time of year is hectic for everyone. I'm glad you are doing well.

e-Mom said...

If we truly understood the breadth and width and height of the love and forgiveness of Christ, we wouldn't hide our guilt, would we?

I find it amazing that King David, guilty of two capital crimes (murder and adultery), confessed his sin to God and found forgiveness. He trusted in His great big heart of compassion.

Lord, help me in my unbelief!

Blessings to you today Sis Julie,


Sis. Julie said...

e-mom....Thank you so much!


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