Saturday, November 10, 2007

We Have A Winner!!!

All I can say is WOW!! There was great participation on this puzzle. And it seems that every one of you enjoyed this puzzle much more than the scrambles or the other kinds of puzzles that I've done so far. There will be many more of these to come which I hope you will be sure to participate in and tell others to come give it a try. Thank you for playing this week!!

I was amazed at how many words you all found. And how many words were words that I didn't have. I wanted to post each person's name and their word total and points total but I don't want anyone to feel embarrassed because they didn't do as well as the others. Each week will be different though. So just because you didn't do well or get near as many words as the winner did this week...doesn't mean you will do the same next week. I look for the winners to be different each week. Because it will depend on how many of your words I DON'T have. That is where the points rack up. I'm already working on the puzzle for next week so I can find as many words as possible before y'all get a crack at it.

If you would like to know your word total (after I looked words up in MY dictionary to make sure they were words or not) and points total then let me know your email address in a comment and I will be glad to let you know. Don't worry...I won't publish your email address. It will be for MY EYES ONLY!! Just be sure to put "PLEASE DON'T PUBLISH" at the top of the comment. now for the news y'all have been waiting for....the lead changed a number of times as I was counting up points. Some of you would send multiple comments and I'd have to re-figure your scores. This was as much fun for me though as it was for y'all I think.

To see everyone's answers that they came up with click here....go to the comments and check them out!! Y'all did great!!!


PAMELAK & Son (134 words...1235 points)



Bro Tim said...

Wow that is a lot of words. What was the biggest word found. It was fun I guess we will have to try a lot harder I would have never thought you could get 134 words out of that. Can't wait for the next word.

Bro Tim

Jimena said...

Haha, congratulations PAMELAK & Son! Great job, great team!

Sis. Julie, this is a great game because even losers feel great and want to do it all over again! What blesses me the most is that you shared that is was the Lord who gave you the idea. My husband and I can also improve our English this way. Bring on the next word! :D

The Lord bless you, and all the players!

Julie's Jewels said...

sis. jimena...I'm so glad you enjoyed playing!! I believe everyone that played did. I'm so glad you are looking forward to the next one. Unfortunately you have to wait till next Wednesday. I hope you can wait that long...LOL!! Love you!!

Mimi said...

which day do you post the word?... I didn't see it until so late I knew I would never win... but wow... I would never have gotten 134 words if I had had all week!!

Congratulations to Pamelak & Son

Julie's Jewels said...

sis. mimi...I post the word on Wednesday mornings and give everyone till I get on the computer Saturday morning to post their answers via comment. The number of words isn't really the thing that will let a person win. If someone else had gotten fewer words they still could have won just by getting words that I didn't get. I give 10 bonus points for each word that y'all get that I don't get. This time I didn't work really hard at coming up with words. But next week I'll be ready. So next week will be a much different game.

I hope you'll play next week.

Love you!

Anna S said...

Congratulations PAMELAK!

e-Mom said...

Wow, I can't believe it... 134 words! Would you post all the words, so we can see what others were able to come up with?

That was a huge success Julie. Well done, and congratulations to Pamelak & Son.

Blessings! :~D

PamelaK said...

How exciting! We had so much fun doing this!! Thank you, everyone! And a big thank you again to Sis Julie for taking the time to post this, look up words, and score. It must be very time consuming. Looking forward to the next challenge!

Julie's Jewels said...

pamelak...I had a ball doing this. Looking up words that I questioned was the most time consuming. But it wasn't that bad. I learned a few new words...LOL!! I'm glad you look forward to the next one. I'm going to be better prepared for players like y'all next time!!

Pam said...

Hey Stranger! I can't believe I missed another game/puzzle! I have been so busy and haven't been able to visit my entire blog roll in awhile, but I hadn't realized it had been so long since I had been here visiting with you!

I've read a few of your posts which I've missed. You have been one busy gal! Hope your health is good. Have a great day in the Lord's house tomorrow.

Jessica said...


134 words... Wow, Great Job!! :)

Jimena is right, this is a game that you don't mind if you don't win, your just ready for another one!! LOL!! :)

Love you Sis Julie,

Julie's Jewels said...

sis. pam....Hi back at ya Sis!! I know you have been very busy so you're forgiven for not coming by...LOL!! I'm sorry you missed this last puzzle. Maybe you can get in on this next one. Everyone seemed to enjoy this a lot. I've already gotten the next one ready and will be posting it on Wednesday. Hope you get to try this next one. Love you!!

Oh health has been fine...but I won't be doing so well this week (if you know what I mean) please pray for me.

Julie's Jewels said...

jessica....I know what you mean about the 134 words. I was shocked as well. But like I said I wasn't prepared for this past puzzle. I'm more prepared for this next one. So I'm thinking it will be a bit tougher for y'all to get bonus points this time. That is what really helped PamelaK and her son...they found alot that I didn't!!

I love you too!!


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