Saturday, November 24, 2007

This One Was A Lot Closer.....

Maybe I should get words like this week's word more often. This week's participants were a lot closer in points than previous weeks. It is so good to see y'all trying these and enjoying doing so. Y'all are doing really good with them.

I need to come up with some other way of doing this though because I don't want the same people to always be the winners. I want there to be more of a variety of winners. So if you have any suggestions to offer....please do. I had two new players this week and I want to thank them for participating. This one was more of a challenge for you (I know because you said it was) but I think it proved to be more competitive. But although it was challenging....each of you found words that I didn't. That shocked me because I thought I had gotten every word possible. That just proves y'all are better at this than I am...LOL!! here goes...the winners are listed below. I'm going to list each of you and your scores. I feel like each of you did a great job this week and it would be okay to do this. This way you can see just how close this was and how the number of words does not matter as much as the points you get. The bonus points you get for finding words that I don't have is what helps most.

So....the results are as follows (and I think you were all winners!!!)....

PamelaK & Son (42 words....173 points)
Sis. Jimena (37 words....165 points)
Bro. Tim (33 words....116 points)
Kristina (30 words....114 points)
Jendi (24 words....64 points)


PamelaK said...

Wow! Everyone was so close to each other! I think this was the most fun word so far! Thanks again, Sis Julie!

Jimena said...

Wow, super cool! Congratulations PamelaK... I think she is right Sis. Julie, this has been the most fun word so far :) Don't worry about other not winning yet... it's a lot of fun! God bless you.


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