Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Choices For The Thinking Blogger Award

I would like to thank two ladies for choosing me for the Thinking Blogger Award. Those two ladies are Sista Cala at Timeless Text Messages and Sis. Cindy at Inspirational Korner. I'm humbled that anyone would choose me for anything much less a blog site that makes a person think. I know that the posts I put up from the Word of God make me think...that is why I post them. I'm just glad to hear that they are blessing others. That in turn is a blessing right back to me.

Now my responsibility is to choose five people whose blog posts make me think. I have a long list of blogs that I visit and I would choose all of you if I could. But I believe I can narrow it down to five that I believe make me think more than any others. Please don't be hurt if you aren't included in one of the five choices. I'm going to try not to choose ones that have already been chosen by someone else. I know there will be one that I can't help but choose but I've been going to that person's blog for over a year now and her blog has never failed to be of help to me through her posts.

I can say that I enjoy each blog I visit...or else I wouldn't bother visiting them. I do thank each of you that take the time to post on your blogs. Each post I read helps me in some way and for that I have each of you to thank.

Here are my 5 choices......

1) Bro. Jerry at Buy the Truth...his posts are always challenging to my heart and soul. He takes much time to study and meditate on God's Word to put up wonderful posts that are deep and full of Truth. I want to thank Bro. Jerry for the wisdom that he has shown forth in his posts and how they have been a blessing and a help to me over the past year.

2) Bro. Jim at Standing In The Gap...his posts are a blessing in that I find myself convicted in areas that he posts about. I've also been able to rejoice about the fact that I don't fit into alot of negative areas that he has brought out in his posts as well. Bro. Jim and his family have been friends of mine for many years and I do not regret the day the Lord brought his wife and his family into my life. Thank you Bro. Jim for Standing In The Gap for us!!

3) Bro. Tim at Tim's Treasures...his posts are always challenging to me. He is my husband's associate pastor and is also our adult Sunday School teacher. He preaches and posts with boldness and with power. I thank God for Bro. Tim and what he means to our church and also what he means to me in what he posts on his blog. I've never read a post that I didn't get help or encouragement from.

4) Bro. Joshua and Bro. Caleb at The Good Report...these are two young men that happen to be Bro. Jim's sons. These young men have a heart for God and are students of the Word and have a godly testimony before others. They have had godly attitudes when they came up against opposition with some of the posts they have done. They are not afraid to post about anything whether others will agree or not. That is a real blessing to me. Thank you both for your faithfulness to stand for the Truth and not being afraid to post about it.

5) Sis. Kate at Maranatha...she always posts things that are truly a blessing and really make me think. There are many blogs I go to that I'd like to give this award to but of all of them I think hers is the one done by a lady that makes me think the most. She puts alot of time and study into her posts and they truly are thought provoking and very helpful. I recommend her blog to anyone who is looking for a blog that hits on issues that will help every lady in her walk with Christ.

It was an honor to choose these five people. Like I said there were many that I'd like to have chosen but I tried to put up ones that hadn't been chosen yet and the one lady's site that has helped me more over the past year than any other one. Thank you all. I look forward to seeing who each of these people choose to give their award to. Have's not as easy as it may seem...only because there are so many good blogs out there.


Sandy T. said...

I think it is such an honor to be recognized.... I was honored to be in the spotlight at the Magical Roase Garden! So neat!

Pam said...

I know what you mean! Its hard to name five and not repeat some that have several awards already! I have to do this soon since my sister honored me with one!

Michelle said...

What a great Honor to recognize people..

Bro Tim said...

Mrs Julie thank You for honoring me with this award. I am humbled by what you said about my preaching and posts. I just try to be obedient to the Lord that is why I haven't put many posts up lately the main reason is God just really hasn't touched my heart with anything to put on ,but I believe that is about to change as I have a few that I am working on now. Again thanks for the award. THe only thing is the people you named our the same ones I visit and clean the most from so are you allowed to repeat names.
Bro Tim

Julie's Jewels said...

Bro. Tim....Yes you are allowed to repeat names. I'm sure those you choose that have already been named will feel even more honored that you chose them. The only requirement from my understanding is that their posts make you think when you read them. If they are posts that touch your heart then they are worthy of this award. I've seen nowhere where they can't receive the award more than one time. I've received it twice from two different people.

Oh yeah...and I meant every word I said about your blog and about you. I thank God for sending you and your wife to our church and for how He has used you both here. We love you both dearly!!

Cindy said...

Sister Julie, you truly are a blessing to me as I look foward to reading your blog daily and seeing what God opens me up to through your words. All of the blogs you listed are awesome blogs as I am a reader of all but one of them, which I had not heard of and am sure that I will become a reader of it as well. I did not know that Bro Joshua and Caleb weere Bro Jims sons, that is too neat.

Jerry Bouey said...

Sis. Julie, thank you for the award. You listed all my favourite (most read blogs), but I have to add yours instead of mine. ;) Yours and Kate's are the ones I read most, and the ones that post the most regularly. I love working on studies and devotionals, but sometimes I can't find enough time. That you for being a regular visitor. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family, and your blog ministry.


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