Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I told y'all that I'd be updating you on my daughter Michelle's health situation once there was something to report.

First of all...she has been pain free for one week now. Praise the Lord!!! She is so thankful and so are the rest of us.

Secondly...we went to the GI specialist yesterday afternoon and I really expected it to be just a consultation. He looked at all her test results and said that all was normal there (which we already knew). Then he proceeded to ask her the location of the pain, whether it was constant or if it came and went. He asked for family history (you know...all the usual stuff a doctor asks the first time he's seen you). He then pressed on her tummy and as we had said already....there was no pain.

Then he gave his diagnosis. First he said that there was really no need for putting her through further tests. He said that all had been done that he would recommend doing with no results to alarm us. He said that any other tests would probably not show anything either. He then said that from what Michelle described to him and nothing being revealed by testing that she has had (and very well may again) intestinal spasms.

He told her she needs to eat more fiber (which she didn't like but is willing to do) and drink 64 ounces of water a day (which her PCP had already told her to do). He prescribed her a pain reliever that she will place under her tongue when and/or if she has another attack that should relieve it for her. He said that unless she has any more problems and the medication and diet doesn't work to relieve it she won't need to go back to see him.

I'm so thankful that there are doctors that really do care about the patient. He could have very easily been all about getting more money for doing all the tests that Michelle was afraid she'd need. But instead he didn't want to put her through all that unnecessarily. That was such a relief and a blessing.

Thank you all so very much for all your prayers for her and for me. God has been so gracious to us through all of this. Yes I became weak and I struggled a couple of times in those two months of her pain and not knowing the cause...but He forgave me and helped me to come through it just as He did for Michelle.


Mrs. C said...

I'm so very glad to hear hat Michelle is feeling better. :-)

Bro Tim said...

Well that is great news. There may very well have been something but got took care of it. Praise God for him being the great physician. As far as your other post it is a good day when we as Christians realize that we can not live the Christian life, that Christ has to live it through us. Thanks for the reminder.
Bro Tim

Jodi said...

That is good news, and I'm so glad to hear Michelle has been pain free. An understanding doctor is truly a blessing.

Janie said...

((((JULIE))))) sending a hug your way. God knows that we worry when our "babies" are in pain. I know you said you were weak and struggling but what Mama isn't when her kids are hurting? I am so glad that she is getting some relief, and I am also so glad that God led you to a doctor who was more worried about Michelle than he was his boat payment. We will continue to pray for her and for you, too!!!

Pam said...

What a sweet blessing! Aren't you glad you kept that GI appointment? And I know you are as happy as I am that we serve a God of FORGIVENESS!!

Lyndy said...

Oh I am so relieved to hear this news. I have been praying for her daily and so glad that she has been pain free...what a relief for all of you. I hope she continues to thrive and be without pain.

Love you sister.


Cindy said...

God is awesome!!! I am so glad that she is no longer in pain, that is such a huge blessing!! I pray that she stays pain free!!!


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