Saturday, March 10, 2007

The One Year Anniversary Of The Courtship

Happy Anniversary Ronnie & Jessica!!

This is a recent picture of my son Ronnie and his fiance' Jessica. I know I haven't updated on the courtship in a while but I can tell you one thing......THEY ARE STILL IN LOVE!!! Tomorrow is March 11th and it was one year ago on that date that my son went to Jessica's daddy to ask permission to court her. They became officially engaged on July 4th of last year. It does not seem like it has been a year...although if you ask them it probably has seemed like an eternity!! LOL!!
This past year has been a year of growth in a lot of areas. On both Ronnie and Jessica's part as individuals and also in getting to know one another and their love for one another. They are very much in love and it just makes my heart so glad to see the two of them together and hear them talking with one another. They both look at one another as a couple in love should look at one another. He makes her smile and she makes him smile. Love ought to do that when two people love one another.
There still has not been a date for the wedding set. There are things the two of them are trying to take care of to prepare for marriage. They want to go into the marriage with as little debt as possible. They are both about to pay off their vehicles and other small debts they have. Ronnie has some money he needs to save to prepare for anything that might come up in the way of an emergency. In the meantime Jessica is beginning to prepare a little at a time for the wedding....such as flowers (since they will be silk and not real) and other little things to help with the cost not being all at once at the time of the wedding.
Ronnie spoils Jessica and treats her very well. He has had to learn how to treat a lady in concentrating on someone else other than himself for a change...but he has done very well. I'm so proud of the man he is becoming and I give God all the glory for it. They are striving to put God in the center of their relationship (which is very important!!!) and are committing to God certain things in their lives and their relationship. Please pray for them as they continue down this road of courtship.


Pam said...

AAWW! What a sweet couple! Your son is so handsome and it looks like he has chosen a very feminine young lady! I love her pretty smile. May God bless them and help them reach their goals! Please take notes along the journey as a momma so you can help me along later. LOL My son is 19 and I know one day sooner than I expect, I will be watching him go down a similar path as your Ronnie! I want to be prepared!


I Pray for this young couple. I am all for courtship. It teaches many things. My Oldest son, James and his family practice courtship and they have had a son married to a wonderful girl that way. She is from Alaska and He from here. They have been married 2 years the end of August and are expecting their first baby in September. It has been wonderful watching them. May God bless your son and the girls he has chosen to be his wife. connie from Texas

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post Sis Julie they make a handsome couple. I pray that they will be very content together, you must be so proud of how they have taken such a responsible attitude towards their relationship and impending marriage.


Happymama said...

Ohh, that's a sweet picture. I think it's wonderful that they're working so hard to having little debt when they marry. That's a great start!! It shows a lot of selflessness on their part. I think they're going to have a wonderful marriage. :) Praying for them!


Mrs.B. said...

Awww, what a sweet couple they make! Thanks for the update about their courtship. (o:

Marsheila said...

Awww, how sweet they make such a good couple you can see the love in their eyes I can't wait until the wedding.

Cindy said...

They are such a great looking couple!!! It sounds like they are really planning things out and that is an awesome thing!!!

e-Mom said...

Cute couple! We're on a similar track with our daughter... they're dating but not yet engaged. As parents, it's wonderful to observe the cycle of life repeating itself! :~)

Janie said...

What a sweet couple!


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