Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The top picture is supposed to be a replica of the
world's most overweight person. Below that is a
picture of the belt he wore. Notice the belt size on
the sign above the belt. There was a sign posted to
have people stand inside the belt to see how many
of us it would take to fill up the space. My hubby and
I are not small people but it would have taken about
five of us to fit in it. Now that is big!!


Happymama said...

Yes, that is big. I see the green sign above the first picture and noticed his death was in '78. Was his name Billy or Benny something? I remember the heaviest men in the world were brothers and I remember one of them dying when I was a little girl and they burried him in a piano case.


Sis. Julie said...

I'm not sure what his name was. I didn't look at all that info. Ron did but I was so interested in getting pictures that I didn't read anything except what his belt size was!!


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