Saturday, January 6, 2007

See If You Can Figure These Out....

We had a group of people over to our house last night for a night of hot wings (and for us whimpier people...bbq wings!!) and a few rounds of Pictionary. We had a blast!! There were eight of us playing in two teams of four. The people that were here were my sister in law and her husband, their daughter Karlee (she's 2 yrs. old and had her own fun), Bro. Tim, his wife, my husband, Ronnie, Kristina, Michelle and Jessica.

I thought it would be fun to put a couple of the pictures on here of drawings that were done. I thought I'd see if any of you could figure out what they are. I will have to say that no one was able to guess what either of the drawings were of. We found out after each team got a chance to guess of course...but still no one got it.

The first drawing was done by Jessica and the second drawing was done by Bro. Tim. They did a really good job of drawing their words but we were just to dumb to get it I guess. I thought it would be fun to see if any of you could figure them out. If you have a guess please feel free to leave a comment with what your guess is. I'm kinda interested to see what y'all think they are. (Jessica and Bro. Tim....don't help anyone here...let's see if you were as good of artists as I think you were drawing your words...hehehe).


Nicholas Cardot said...

This will be a little bit more difficult than usual considering you are not standing in front of me waving your arms and making faces at me to try to get the right word. However, here are my guesses.

1. It's raining cats and dogs.
2. Speedy Gonzales from looney toons racing against a speeding plane while being chased by a man eating (or rather mouse eating) squid like creature.

Was I close?

Sis. Julie said...

Bro. Nick....I know it made it a bit harder not seeing the actions that went along with the drawing...but we tried to discourage those anyway. But there was a lot of hollering out answers that we not even close to right. I'll wait a couple of days and then I will post the right answers.

I have to say though...your guesses were quite funny...especially the second one. The first one was not right although I can see where you might have gotten that idea...hehehe.

Thanks for offering a guess though....check back for the answer.

Sis. Julie said...

Well Bro. Nick....I guess you are the only one who is going to play. I'll go ahead and tell what these two pictures are.

1. Barrell of Monkeys
2. Smart bomb

Isn't it obvious what they were now??...well...maybe not. Bro. Tim's was just way too hard to figure out. He sure had fun trying to get his word drawn out though....wish you could have been here to see it!!


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