Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Smile Is Contagious

Proverbs 15:13 "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance..."

I got to thinking about this thing of having a merry heart and it showing on your face. How many of you see a person with a merry heart that has the mully-grubs? That can be interpreted as the "pooch-mouth" or a down look on their face? I don't know of any instance where I've seen someone have a merry heart and it come across on their face as looking like I just described.

A person with a merry heart is going to have it displayed on their face. We should always have a merry heart. I'm not saying that we all don't have times that we are going through rough or tough times. Of course we do!! But we should still have a merry heart even in those times. The Lord Jesus Christ died for us and paid our sin debt...a debt that we owed but could not pay!! We have eternal life in Him if we have accepted Him into our hearts and lives and accepted that gift of salvation that He has extended to all of us. That should be reason enough to be merry in our heart.

When someone smiles at you what do you do? Do you stick out your tongue at them? Do you cry or get mad at them? If you do then you have a problem. Most people if not all people will smile back. A smile is contagious. So whether your world is crashing down around you or you are going through a difficult!!! Jesus loves you and died for you!! You have eternal life!! Those are reasons enough to be merry in your heart. And let it show on your countenance so others can be reminded that there is something worth smiling about. And if they don't understand how you can smile...then let it be a witnessing tool. Someone may ask you how it is you can smile...especially if they know what you are going through. So smile and let it be a testimony of a merry heart!!


Happymama said...

I can't believe I'm reading this right I'm wearing my poochie lip. LOL

God always knows what you need when you need it, doesn't He?? :)


Cindy said...

What a great post! Ya know God tells us that even when we are going through hard times we are suppose to "count it all joy" (James 1:2). We should always show our Merry heart as you said, no matter what is going on. That is also one thing that can help lead other to God, when they see a believer going through a really tough time, yet still joyfull and merry . . . they start wanting that!

With Love In Christ,

Christopher Cline said...

Very Good Post.

The Good Reporters said...

Wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

As long as we don't smile too much and scare people...he he he.

Only joking, great post Sis Julie and a good reminder. I remember our Pastor reminiscing about those 'Smile Jesus Loves You' badges with the yellow smiley face, he said that 9 times out of 10 the person wearing the badge had a real miserable face.

We should reflect that blessed joy within.

Hope you have a very happy and joyful New Year :)

Sandy T. said...

It is no doubt that God brought me to your blog or you to mine (not sure who visited who first)! I haven't read all of your posts but the ones I have read are very encouraging and are very strong in faith. I have just been reading some of your past posts and they are wonderful. I can tell you are a woman of God and it shines through in your writing! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us (me).


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