Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Don't Stay Away From Church

As a pastor's wife I see the heartache that a pastor goes through. Some of that heartache is when he looks out from the pulpit on Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening only to see people missing from their usual spot in the pew. It isn't that they relocated themselves within the church (although that happens sometimes). It is because they found some reason not to be in church. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for not being in their place. Sometimes they are sick (and not with a headache or tummy ache). Sometimes a person has to work (now and then is okay...but if it's happening on a regular basis...I'd pray about a new job). There are SOME other legitimate reasons. But oftentimes it is for silly reasons. Below are some of the reasons why people stay out...and responses to those reasons. Think about them the next time you decide not to go to church. Your pastor loves you and is concerned when you aren't there!!

~~Because you are poor.....there is no admission charge to church.

~~Because it rains....most of us go to work in the rain.

~~Because it is hot....it's sometimes hot in your house too.

~~Because no one invited you....people go many other places without being asked.

~~Because you don't like the pastor....he's human just as you are.

~~Because there are hypocrites at church...you associate with hypocrites every day.

~~Because you have guests in your home...they will admire your loyalty if you bring them along.

~~Because you need a little weekend vacation occasionally...God never takes a vacation from you.

~~Because your clothes are not expensive...our church is not a fashion show.

Hopefully none of you use these excuses. If you do then realize there is no GOOD excuse to just miss church.

Hebrews 10:25 "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."


Megan said...

I really liked this post!

e-Mom said...

I can imagine how disappointing it must be to see empty seats... especially at this time of year in a smaller church. Our church has thousands in the congregation, and I doubt we'd be missed by the pastor. Lol!

We should indeed be in fellowship with other believers, though. Good word!

Melissa said...

It is sometimes discouraging to go to church on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights and see much smaller numbers than in the morning services. I can imagine how much more frustrating that would be for the pastor. You listed some excuses, as well as some legitimate reasons, and said that you should not miss church for work on a regular basis. What are your thoughts on a profession such as a nurse (myself) or a police officer (my husband) whose shifts REQUIRE them to work every second or third Sunday? Are these professions that a Christian should not be in, or are these legitimate reasons? Thanks, your thoughts are appreciated. :)

Sis. Julie said...

As for the profession of a nurse or police officer....I believe they are needed professions of course. My husband was once a police officer. In fact up until this past July he was. He has since gone full-time at our church. But there were times (even as a pastor) that he was required to work during church times...but the Holy Spirit would not let him stay with that for long due to his obligation to the ministry first. But we believe that God knows the need that people have to work and provide for their families...so I don't think God would judge someone for every once in a while..but when it is a regular occurance I believe that God would rather you pray and seek other employment or try for another schedule in your profession. God commands us to be in His house when the doors are opened. I cannot tell you what to do nor would I try to. I would just suggest seeking God and letting him speak to you about what to do. If you feel He wants you to do something about the schedule then I'd pray for a door to open somewhere else that will work with the church schedule. This is what my husband did and God honored it and provided a place of employment and schedule that accomodated the church.


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