Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This Sure Does Stink....

Well...I truly messed things up now. I had set up my page with Beta Blogger and then after doing so realized I didn't like the Beta and wanted to switch back to regular Blogger. Guess what....what I thought I was supposed to do I found out I shouldn't have done. Now my original site cannot be accessed by me at all to post or do anything with. So now I'm stuck with having to set up a whole new site.

This is going to create alot of work for me to set things up how they were on my other site. I hope everyone can access my page and that I can get everything how I want it again.

Please forgive the mess I've made. I had just said how I USED to be afraid to mess up something for not knowing anything about computers. Now I know I can mess things up.

Please pray for my as I'm very frustrated now!! Thanks!!


Happymama said...

In everything give thanks. :)

Bless your heart. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I hope they find your posts and are able to restore them.


Sis. Julie said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh No! You poor poor thing. Did you copy any of your posts onto your computer in Word or anything? I will put a post up on my blog with your new address if that will help? I quite like the blogger.beta, although I did have a bit of trouble to begin with.

Hope you manage to sort things out :o)

Samantha said...

sis. julie,
I hope they can somehow find a way to get your page back. Maybe since you contacted blogger they can somehow salvage it. If not then look at this as a fresh start, as hard as that seems. I'm glad I got your e-mail so I'll know where to find your blog. With love in Christ,

Nikki said...

aww, I'm sorry!!! I'll post your new link on my blog today! I know I haven't been around much, but I miss you!

Love you lots!!

Sis. Julie said...

Mrs. Blythe...thank you so much for offering to send me the Godly Apparel series. If you would do that it would be great. I do have them printed off I think so I could copy them off again by retyping everything all over again but your sending them to me so I can save them would be so much easier. I did print off alot of my posts but unfortunately I haven't printed any off in a few months so there are a lot that I lost.

Thank you everyone for your encouragment!!! It means so much. While it is frustrating that all this happened I believe I will be okay. I was up till almost 2:00am trying to get things set up on here and finding y'alls sites. I found most of the ones I had on my other site but there are a couple I know that I'm missing and hope to find again.

God allowed this to happen for a reason and I'm trying (with His help) to handle it correctly. I love you all dearly!!!

Sis. Julie

Stephanie said...

AWW! You poor thing! Well I'm glad I found you thru happymamma's blog. I was shocked when your page would not come up. Maybe you can contact blogger and get your info back. Praying.

Mrs.B. said...

Oh Julie, I'm so sorry! Your new blog is very pretty but I know you must be heartbroken to have lost everything from your old site.

I have been so afraid to make the switch so I decided not to. After having my template redone I don't want to risk losing it. What did you not like about Beta? (besides the fact it ate your old blog!)

I will post your new blog address so people can make the change.



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